Vase for sweets TIFFANY & CO


Silver 925 sample

Diameter – 19 cm

Height – 7 cm

Weight – 280 grams

The time of manufacture is 1912


On the bottom is engraved with the Latin letter M. C. Z. the Product has a stigma: Tiffany & Co makers - mark the jewelry company Tiffany. Sterling silver 925 - 1000 - state mark sterling confirms that the product is made from the highest silver, 925, sample. Curly letter M means that in this period the company operated John C. Moore II, great-grandson of its founder, Charles Tiffany. To his duties, John began in 1907 and served them until 1940. 18267А1 - numbering model. Refers to 1912. 4275 - order number. History of the jewelry house Tiffany began in 1837, when 25-year-old Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles Lewis Tiffany) and his former classmate John B. young (John B. Young) moved from New England to new York to open a store Tiffany & Young. In their store, presented various jewelry, crystal goods, high-quality porcelain and silver. The buyers could not negotiate, knocking the price specified on the price list each product, and such sales policy was revolutionary for the time. The first day of sales brought store owners only $4,98, but this figure begins financial history Tiffany, whose revenues today estimated at billions of dollars. Tiffany jewelry enjoyed great popularity among the General authorities. The most senior first customer was the US President Abraham Lincoln who ordered from Tiffany for his wife Mary Todd Lincoln set of fine pearls and yellow gold, in which she appeared before the public at the inauguration ceremony in 1861.