“Kabulets returning from the hunt” (Arthur Waagen)


Of the product: sculpture “Kabulets returning from the hunt”

Material: bronze, patination

Production time: the second half of the XIX century

Author: Arthur Waagen

State: France

Dimensions: 87 x 77 x 30 cm

87 x 77 x 30 cm
On the basis of a copyright signature "Waagen Sculp". The author of the model of this sculpture, is an outstanding sculptor of the XIX century Arthur Waagen. Max Arthur waagen was born in 1833, in the Baltic port city of Memel, in East Prussia (today Klaipeda in Lithuania). How to show directories and reference books of the Salon, his work has been exhibited from 1861 to 1887. The Studio wizard was on the Cours de Vincent 40, and then in the street the Chevalier 11. The favorite themes of Arthur waagen was East and animalistic. The most famous work of the sculptor is the composition - "Capulets returning from the hunt", also known under other names: "the Hunter dogs" and "Return from the hunt". Arthur waagen left behind quite a large number of sculptures, describing him as a talented sculptor, adequately extending a number of such well-known French sculptors, Pierre-Jules Mene, Thomas Francois Cartier, etc.