Coffee service

925 sterling silver, gold plated, porcelain

20 years of the twentieth century

England, Birmingham

Wilmot Manufacturing Co

George Jones & Sons

Set in box includes nine pieces: two cups, two saucers, pair of spoons, a coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl.Cups and saucers are made of porcelain, the main background color of cobalt, circumferentially applied a geometric pattern on a gilded background. The ornament is repeated on the surface of silver items of the service. Thus, we can conclude that the set were made to order at the same time the two factories.Of the body there is silver jewelry a smooth, polished, covered with a layer of gold. The handle of a coffee pot wrapped around a thick straw to avoid its heating. The studied items are on the surfaces of a number of brands: 1. "Anchor" - a sign the state standard of silver in Birmingham, England. The mark is mandatory since the founding of the assay office at the present time. Assay office Birmingham is currently one of the largest in the world. Customers around the world look for a brand of this chamber. 2. "Walking lion" stamp certifying standard - 925 hallmarked silver. 3. - Annual brand, informing, in what year was the product tested, mandatory until 1975 and was stamped according to the individual system of annual marks adopted in Birmingham. Corresponds to 1926. 4. "W. M. Co" in three circles - the mark of the manufacturer - Wilmot Manufacturing Co. The company was founded in 1912 by the merger of the two companies Wilmot Brothers (York Works, Birmingham) and Norton & White and Walsam & Co (Camden Street, Birmingham). By 1920 the firm had offices in London and Paris. There are also hallmarks on the bottom of the cups and saucers. Firm George Jones and sons, who worked in 1861-1951 gg in Staffordshire - one of the largest manufacturers of decorative ceramics and items made of majolica and porcelain. Image on signature marks periodically changed corresponding to a particular period of time. The brands available on these products, refer to 1891 - 1920 Probably all part of the service was executed around 1920, and the test for silver, according to the usual practice, put down later, in 1926. Presents set is a great work of two well-known manufactures, is a clean style, beautiful proportions and adjusted proportions of the parts, great care of execution, meticulous finishing elements, skilled installation of products in General.