The painting “Girls on Swan lake”

The painting “Girls on Swan lake”
Material: oil on wood
Dimensions: 62 x 72 cm
Time: 1925.
Country: Western Europe

Beautiful picture of the oval shape created by the artist thick brush strokes of oil paints on the Board with a knife. Palette knife (ital. mestichino) is a special tool used in oil painting for blending paints, clean the palette, or the application of thick paint on the canvas. Sometimes the palette knife is used instead of a brush to create paintings, applying the paint evenly or relief strokes. The work can be attributed to Western European romantic painting of the early 20th century. Bottom right in words applied date – 1925 - and the author's signature, which, unfortunately, is badly readable. For the attribution of the author, further research is needed. The painting is in original frame covered with thick gold leaf. The painting is in excellent condition, has no visible damage and in need of restoration.