Painting “City on the river”

Painting “City on the river”
Author: Lange Antoni
Oil on canvas, size 74 x 104 cm
Ukraine, Austria
the first half of the 19th century

74 x 104 cm
The picture panoramic format for the motif, composition and style consistent with the known work of the Austrian painter and graphic Antoni Lange. Antoni Lange (1774-1842) was an outstanding representative of the school of Ukrainian romanticism, whose name sounds on a par with such masters as Zhukovsky and Shevchenko, "the Patriarch of Lviv of the landscape", whose activities led to the development of this genre not only in Lviv but in the whole of Galicia. Anthony Lange has completely devoted himself to landscape, which distinguishes him as a talented artist on the background of the cultural processes of the city, where was the leading portrait genre. The son of a Viennese actor of the court theatre, of German descent Anthony Lange had undergone professional training at the famous Austrian landscape painter Lorenz Schönberger (1768-1846). In addition to landscapes of a particular areas of the brush Antoni Lange belong to the so-called ideal landscape classical and romantic character. Creative heritage of the artist are placed in various Museum collections of Ukraine, Russia, Poland and private collections. In particular, in the Lviv art gallery and the State Hermitage Museum (Russia) a fairly large collection of paintings by Antoni Lange.