“The Norman horse with a foal” ( Pierre-Jules Mêne)

Pierre-Jules Mêne

The sculpture “Jument normande et son poulain”

(“The Norman horse with a foal”)

Material: bronze, patination

Dimensions: 46 x 58 x 24 cm

Author: P. J. Mene

Country: France, Paris

Time: 1868.

Pierre-Jules Mêne (1810 – 1879) the Famous French sculptor, animal painter born in Paris, his whole life was spent in France. Creative activity Pierre-Jules Mêne began with a small sculpture of realistic character representing images of animals. Talented sculptor was repeatedly awarded special awards. In 1848 in the Salon of artists of France, he won a medal of the Second class in 1852 and 1861 - the medal of the First class. In 1867 the sculptor becomes a knight of the Legion of honor. In 1851 and 1862 his sculptures won awards at the Great Exhibition in London. The sculpture "Louis XV hunting" at the world Exhibition in 1878 received the highest award – Grand Prix. The product of "Scottish hunter" - among the most famous works of the sculptor and refers to the Mature period of creativity of the author when he portrayed a complex, detailed compositions on the theme of hunting. The creative legacy of Pierre-Jules Mêne represents an important stage in the development of animism and realism in European sculpture 30-80 years of the XIX century. The great sculptor has left a big mark in the fine arts and was included on the first pages of famous catalogs of bronze objects of the world cultural heritage such as Pierre Kjellberg "LES BRONZES DU XIXe SIECLE, DICTIONNAIRE DES SCULPTEURS" and Poletti/ Richard 2007.