“A lioness with two cubs” ( Charles Valton )

Charles Valton

“A lioness with two cubs”

Material: Bronze

Author: Charles Valton

Country: France, Paris

Time: 1909

Dimensions: 57 x 97 x 40 cm

Charles Valton - famous French sculptor, was a pupil of Antoine Louis barye and Frame. In the period from 1868 to 1914, the author was regularly exhibited in the Salon of the society of French painters and sculptors, and then, in 1885, he became an honorary member of this society. In 1875, the sculptor received a medal of the third degree, and in 1885 he was awarded the medal of the second degree. At the world exhibition in 1889 and 1900, for his bronze sculpture Valton was awarded the honorary medals. From 1868 to 1914, Valton has made over 70 sculptures of animals, and was appointed Professor of sculpture at the school in 1883 Germain Pilon. Works of the sculptor are colourful masterpieces of animalistic directions in the visual arts. One of the models of the sculpture "Lioness with her cubs" reproduced in the publication dedicated to the best bronze works of the 19th century: "LES BRONZES DU XIXe SIECLE", PIERRE KJELLBERG, p. 636. Charles Walton was recognized even by his contemporaries, it is known that his sculptures were widely popular among the famous collectors of the late 19th century and have been exhibited at well-known auctions. The works of the sculptor are stored in such French museums as: Castres, Mus. Galliera (Paris), Mus. d His. Naturelle (Paris), Mont-de-Marsan, Gorse etc. His works have been exhibited at the auction the largest world auctions – Christie's and Sotheby's.