A set of vases “Shepherdess”

«Royal Dux Bohemia»

Material: porcelain, hand modeling, painting
Dimensions: height of vases 42 cm, height decorative stand 30 cm
Time of origin: late 19th century
State: Austria-Hungary

Vase and stand is made by hand moulding molding, tinted and hand-painted author's method of composition made by the masters of the factory "Royal Dux Bohemia", as evidenced porcelain pink print that is located at the bottom of each product. Bohemian porcelain was made in the late eighteenth century in Western Bohemia, which was located near the modern town of Karlovy vary (Czech Republic). Factory "Royal Dux Bohemia" exists since 1860 and is the most famous of the three Austrian companies (" Royal Dux Bohemia", "Amfora", "Riessner Stellmacher und Kessel"). The firm "Royal Dux" was the official Imperial porcelain workshop, working under the auspices of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy of the yard and made for his products. This manufactory was famous for wonderful author making various sculptures. Factory "Royal Dux Bohemia" exists till nowadays and is producing products popular all over the world.