A pair of caviar dish

Pierre Gavard

Silver 925 sample

Length – 23 cm

Width – 15 cm

Total weight – 560 grams

Manufacturing time 1886 – 1895’s

Pierre Gavard

France, Paris

The product has a stigma:The Head Of Minerva. The profile is squared with beveled corners. Hallmarks of this type was staged in France, since 1838. It is guaranteed that the content is not less than 950 pieces of silver in the alloy. The rest is impurities introduced in the actual alloy to increase the hardness and fusibility of silver metal. 2. Rhomboid flap in this picture of a spoon between the two halves of the moon and the letters P. G. - stamp the jewelry workshop of Pierre Gavard. Workshop worked from 1886 to 1895's and was located at the address: 49 rue De lourmel, Paris. Caviar dish in the Rococo style. Rococo (FR. rococo, from the French. rocaille — the crushed rock, decorative shell, shell, rocaille, Rococo less commonly) — a style in art that emerged in France in the first half of the eighteenth century as the development of the Baroque style. Presented a pair of caviar dish has a wonderful degree of safety.