Paired vases with columns

Paired vases with columns

Material: porcelain, painting, bronze, gilding

Dimensions: height of vases 102 cm, column height 106 cm

Author: painting E. Carelle, Sèvres factory

Country: France

Time: mid-19th century

This pair of vases on the columns of a copyrighted work belong to the best examples of sèvres porcelain manufactory from the mid-19th century. Porcelain by the sèvres factory opened in 1738 at Vincennes and manufactured mainly products from soft porcelain occupies in the history of the world's ceramic production, a special place. A famous saying States that "good Sevres porcelain does not exist – there is only the best." All the porcelain wares of Sevres are the individual's own style. Accented by decorative, rich colors, unique brilliance and live the brightness of the mural, original equipment, podolasia precious stones ceramics – Sevres porcelain is not called "Royal". No less right to this title gives the porcelain of Sevres and the fact that the manufacture has arisen under the highest Royal patronage and owes its rapid development to the last two kings of the Golden age of French monarchy.