Candle holders “Fish”

Type of product: candle holders “Fish”
Material: silver, 925 hallmark
Height: 11 cm
Weight: 0,120 kg
Production time: the second half of the 20th century
Author: Studio “G+K Meistersilber”
State: Germany

The product on the surface has a number of brands. On top of the lower base incised hallmarks: G+K 925, the image of the Crescent and the Royal crown. In 1886 in Germany in the manufacture of silver jewelry the use of individual marks was abolished and replaced with images of the Crescent and the crown, representing the German state. These brands have become mandatory in 1888. Near the above mentioned brands also applied a sample of silver. This product has a standard sample of silver 925. The stigma of "G+K" denotes the name of the workshop Gaier and Krauss, founded in 1919, a master of schwäbisch Gundam and lasted until 1999. After 1970 the Studio sign changes to "G+K Meistersilber" placed in a round cartouche. Such a round cartouche with a brand workshop, adopted after 1970 is available on tissue surface with the inner side of the base of the candlestick.