Drinking horn

Type of product: drinking horn
Material: silver 875 samples, bone
Length: 65 cm
Time of manufacture: 1891
State: Russia

Horn wine is a beautiful souvenir made of polished bone and silver. Cup on its silver surface has a number of hallmarks: The initials of the assay master with year of creation, unfortunately, over time, slightly frayed but the information that is available for study enables us to affirm that this product was created in 1891 in Russia. The figure "84" in square cartouche means 84 of the spool, which are obsolete Russian measure of weight, equal to 84/96 or 875/1000 parts pure silver (0,875). The creation of Russian standardisation of marks is associated with the decree of Peter the great in 1700. The king established for the production of silver jewelry 4 types of standards: 96, 90, 84 and 62 of the spool. This horn Cup is a fine example of Russian art of the late 19th century, carries a functional load and is the object of artistic and historical value.