The Sculpture “The Viking Chieftain”

The Sculpture “The Viking Chieftain”
Bronze, patina
Height: 83 cm
Author: E. Leporte
France, second half of the XIX century

On the front of the base is fixed nameplate with the inscription: "Ie serment" (the oath, the oath), and signed "Par Laperte (Medaille du Salon)", which translated from French means "Created by Emil Leport (medal of the Salon).Also on the surface is author's signature - E. Laporte. Emile Laporte. Emile-Henri Laporte (1841-1919) - French sculptor and painter, a classmate and most intimate friend of the famous artist Renoir. He studied at the Beaux-arts in Paris. To school, Laporte at the age of thirteen he worked as a pupil of the sculptor and engraver of bronze, Para. Emil Leport left behind quite a large number of sculptures, describing him as a talented sculptor, adequately extending a number of such well-known French sculptors, Pierre-Jules Mene, Thomas Francois Cartier, etc. Excellent condition the patina suggests that the work was stored in excellent conditions, without extremes of temperature and the influence of environmental factors.