The Sculpture “Bather”

Christophe Gabriel ALLEGRAIN
Height: 88 cm

Christophe Allegrain (1710-1795) – talent in the third generation. Fate was generous to the family Ellegren, where grandfather, father and grandson were not just painters, engravers, sculptors, and people influenced the development of the art of France and Russia. Christophe Allegrain belongs to a dynasty of artists - artist was still his grandfather Etienne Allegrain (1644-1736). His father Gabriel Allegrain (1679-1748) was a famous landscape painter, whose works are with difficulty distinguished from the works of the father. Himself Christophe Gabriel Allegrain, it is believed, was under the strong influence of his more famous brother, also a sculptor, Jean-Baptiste Pigalle. Allegrina sculpture "bather," exhibited at the Salon of 1769, he admired Diderot. "Lovely, just lovely, gorgeous statue... say is the most beautiful, the most perfect of all modern sculptors sculpted female figures. Indeed, even the captious critic stop in front of her... a statue worthy to be offered to the king," wrote Diderot. Really, statues Allegrina was decorated pavilion mistress of Louis XV, Jeanne du Barry in Louveciennes. The layout of the sculpture "bather" Christophe Gabriel Allegrain presented at the Paris Salon of 1757, the same year was cast in bronze and presented to the sculpture. Ten years later, in 1767, Ellegren by order of the Royal court will repeat it in marble. The mistress of king Louis XV Madame du Barry will receive a gift and decorate it your castle Lovesan. Later, "the bather" will take its place in the gallery of the Louvre. Thus, this sculpture is the author's work, made Allegrina in the neoclassical style. Beauty, perfect plastic and perfect proportions of this sculpture can serve as a worthy example of classical art of the 18th century, the most valuable exhibit of a Museum or private collection.