Sculpture ” Nicka “

Sculpture “Nicka”
bronze patinated
height 70 cm
the end of the 19th century
bronze society of Paris, Franz

Nicka - the winged goddess of victory. It gives good luck and a happy outcome in any case. An ally of Zeus in his struggle with the titans. In Roman mythology she corresponds to the goddess Victoria. Nika, the daughter of the Titan Pallas and the goddess of the underworld river Styx. This black-haired girl with large wings on his shoulders. As a symbol of the successful, happy outcome, nick is involved in all military enterprises, artistic, athletic and musical competitions. Alexander the great at all stages of his campaign was built for Nikki altars, to earn her heart.She is always depicted winged or in the posture of rapid movement over the ground; the attributes of her headband and the wreath, and later also the palm tree; then a weapon and a trophy.