Jewelry box

Of the product: box
Material: silver
Weight: 0,620 kg
Dimensions: height 9 cm, length 15.5 cm, width 10 cm
Production time: up to 1866
Author: AV
State: Austria-Hungary

Box with lock and key, there is a hole, and the locking mechanism in the upper part of the product. At the top of the box side has two hallmarks: The letters A and V, indicating the initials of the master, but the rest, unfortunately, unknown to the wide circle of admirers of silver jewelry; Sign, combining a few characters that served for the marking of silver jewelry in the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1866: the letter A denoting the place of manufacture – city of Vienna; the year of manufacture (it is impossible to ascertain due to the poor preservation of the stigma) and figure 13 – in the center of the mark. The number "13" – alloy of silver, set in Prussia and Germany in the XVIII – early XIX century. Meets modern sample 812,5. The fineness of silver is expressed in thousandths quantitative content of pure metal in the silver alloy used in the manufacture of decorative products. You can make the assumption that the close historical and territorial connection between Austria and Prussia could affect the establishment of brands of silver jewelry on the territory of Austria-Hungary similar to the Prussian stamps.