A set of teaspoons of Tiffany&Co


Silver 925 sample
Total weight – 160 grams
Manufacturing time 1873-1891 gg
USA, New York

Spoon coated with a layer of gilding, the cuttings are thin, long, decorated with floral decor. The product has a stigma: 1. Tiffany & Co brand jewelry company Tiffany. 2. Sterling - state mark sterling confirms that the product is made from the highest silver, 925, sample. 3. The letter M means that in this period the leading designer of the company was Edward Moore, the son of a manufacturer of silver and partner Charles Tiffany, John K. Moore. To his duties he began in 1873 and served them until 1891. 4. 434 - numbering model. Tiffany became the first American company that used its products sterling silver 925/1000 fineness. In 1851, Charles Tiffany signed an exclusive agreement with the manufacturer of silver John. K. Moore for the delivery to the company of sterling (925 or higher) silver. Tiffany was the first American jewelers to use such quality metal, adopted by the decision of Congress state standard sterling silver in 1852 .