Cabinet bar

glass, wood, tortoise shell, bronze, gilding
the second half of the 19th century

Bar is a wooden box inlaid with plates of tortoise-shell and decorated with a decorative ornament Golden color. Lid and side flaps of the box folded. Inside on special supports located 16 shotglasses and 4 decanters. Glassware made of crystal glass of high quality, the edges gilded. Bar locks. A favorite of emperors and kings, a symbol of luxury and prosperity to rhinestone have always been in fashion. It is believed that the crystal was accidentally discovered in England in the 17th century and in the 19th century it became popular throughout all Europe. Ebony, made of the investigated bar, along with ivory and gold since the days of Ancient Egypt, too, is a jewel. From the durable black wood has an extraordinary ability to mirror Shine when polished, which sets it apart from other wood species. It also has a pronounced healing properties and, unlike other species of the ebony family, does not cause allergies. Bar is made in the style of late classicism, is in excellent condition. Restoration is not exposed and does not need it. Is a beautiful example of fine 19th century French art.