Cognac decanter

Cognac decanter
Crystal, silver 925
The Company “Brockwell & Son”
England, London, 1888

Cognac decanter made of silver and crystal, high quality. On the surface silver has a number of brands: 1. The initials of the manufacturer, made in Latin letters "H. T. B", which is decrypted as "Brockwell & Son (Henry Titterton Brockwell)". The company was registered in London in October 1875, lasted until 1895, specialized in the production of decanters and cups. 2. Going from right to left lion, framed by a cartouche – standard samples of silver, equal to 925. The fineness of silver is expressed in thousandths quantitative content of pure metal in the silver alloy used in the manufacture of decorative products. Figure 925 shows that thousands of pieces of alloy contains 925 units of pure silver, the rest is impurities introduced in the actual alloy to increase the hardness and fusibility of silver metal; 3. Leopard's head in a cartouche – the city mark of London. Used since 1822 until today; 4. Latin letter "N" in figure cartouche – stamp marking the year of the creation of a product, in this case, 1888; 5. Female profile in a cartouche, facing left – a symbolic portrait of Queen Victoria I. In England until 1890, it was decided to apply the articles of the stamp showing the profile of the ruling at the time of the monarch meant that the tax on the product paid. The decanter is in excellent condition, with no visible losses and damage. Crystal has no cracks and chips. Restoration is not exposed and does not need it.