Set of furniture

Type of products: furniture set
Material: mahogany, gilded bronze, marble
Time of origin: late 19th century –early 20th century
Author: Haentges Freres
State: France, Paris (6 Rue Titon)

Furniture set consisting of 14 items: table, 10 chairs, dresser, large cupboard and small cupboard. The main material to create such a wonderful ensemble of furniture is mahogany. A massive carved table with six thick legs has an oval shape. Folding table and two legs fold up under the cover. The edge of the table and on the legs are of a stucco moulding of gilded bronze, stylized garlands of Laurel leaves. At the bottom of the legs of the table are framed in bronze. The two front legs of chairs, the legs of the drawers and cupboards at the bottom is also decorated with gilded bronze.