Oval dish

Oval dish
Material: porcelain, bronze, gilding
Time: mid-19th century
Author: painted by J. Lascot
Country: France

Dish created a special method of jewelry openwork casting. The bronze stand has an oval shape with scalloped edges. At the sides two handles made in the form of the United curls and characterized by elegance of form and decoration. The entire surface of the product is ornamentation in the Rococo style. On a porcelain dish, placed inside a bronze stand, applied underglaze pattern - a model example of gallant art. Such images romantic scenes on the swings were very populyarnostyu some of the most outstanding artists of the 18th century, such as Antoine Watteau, Jean Honore Fragonard, Boucher. In the right part of the figure is the author's signature J. Lascot.