Pair of flower vases

Verit, crystal
Manufacturing time 1908-1914 he gg
“N. B. W.”
(Norblin, Bracia Buch & T. Werner)
Warsaw, Russian Empire

Each vase consists of two parts – crystal body and metal base. On the interior of both supports have a triangular convex hallmarks of 6.9 mm high and 7.5 mm wide, in the triangle under the Russian state coat of arms the inscription "VERIT N. B. W." This is a rare mark used only 20 years after the unification of three companies: Norblin, Bracia Buch & T. Werner ("N. B. W."). Factory of Norblin, brothers Buch and T. Werner was opened in Warsaw on Iron street, 51. "VERIT" - the name of the silver and tin alloy similar to the alloy "Oribit" WMF (Germany). The word Verit - anagram Orivit. Alloy VERIT was N. B. W. in 1908 a two-headed eagle - the certificate of state testing of products of the Polish factory of the Russian Empire. Corresponds to the period 1908-1914 he years, when the company Norblin, Bracia Buch & T. Werner began to use the new alloy Verit. Vase in art Nouveau style, having different names in different countries ("Tiffany" (named after L. C. Tiffany) in the USA, "art Nouveau" and "fin de siècle" (lit. "end of the age") in France, "Jugendstil" (or rather, the "Jugendstil" — the name established in 1896, an illustrated magazine Die Jugend) in Germany, "Secession" (Secessionsstil) in Austria, "modern style" (modern style, lit. "modern style") in England, "liberty style" in Italy, "modernismo" in Spain, "Nieuwe Kunst" in the Netherlands, "forest style" (style sapin) in Switzerland).