Pair of knights

Type of product: a Pair of knights
Material: 925 silver alloy, marble
Time of manufacture: 1895
Weight: 2.7 kg
Height with stand: 40 cm
Author: Hamilton & Inches
State: Scotland, Edinburg

Figures are on square bases, made of black marble. Figures are made by casting, items of clothing, individuals pricecanada and carefully polished. Hallmarks: 1. Latin letters H & I in square flap – stamp of the firm of Hamilton & Inches. The firm was founded in 1866 as a family business in 1896 opened the first family jewelry store. The firm exists to this day, has a Royal Guarantee as the provider of Her Majesty the Queen. Department store we have in Edinburgh and London, produced not only silver jewelry but also jewelry, watches and jewelry. 2. Flower of Thistle in the curved plate - hallmark Edinburgh that served as a public confirmation of the sterling standard of 925. The fineness of silver is expressed in thousandths quantitative content of pure metal in the silver alloy used in the manufacture of decorative products. Sterling, in thousands of pieces of alloy contains 925 units of pure silver, the rest is impurities introduced into actual alloy to increase the hardness and fusibility of silver metal. 3. Three towers – the town mark of Edinburgh. 4. The letter "O" with beveled edges – the annual stamp corresponds to the year 1895. Chivalry is descended from the historical scene. It left us not only elements of his military tactics (the use of such a knightly tank wedges in krupnomasshtabnykh fighting), but also cultural heritage: tales of chivalry ("Tristan and Isolde"), love poems of the minstrels and troubadours with the obligatory cult of the ladies of the heroic folk epics ("the poem of the CID" and "the Song of Roland"). In our time in the UK, paying tribute to tradition, assign a knighthood scientists, artists and athletes. Presented a pair of knights can serve as an excellent example of Scottish art of the late XIX century, is the subject of historical and artistic value.