Pair of paintings “Village girls”

Anton Telser

Pair of paintings “Village girls”
Material: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 55×25 cm
Production time: the second half of the 19th century
Author: Anton Telser
State: Austria

55×25 cm
Pair of paintings in original frames of famous Austrian artist Anton Telser, United among themselves in style and theme. At the two paintings depicted a country girl. Picture style and composition complement each other, creating striking images and scenes from the rural life of the inhabitants of Central Europe of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Anton Telser (1861-1942), a famous Austrian painter, representative of the direction of the cabin of the Vienna school of painting. His painting "Musizierende Kinder" is in the collection of Vienna's national gallery, art of the Austrian pre-modernism (along with Hans Zaccai, F. Zichy and Heinrich Siemiradzki). Picture Telstra features a delicate color palette, the subtle game of semitones, masterfully built around a single center composition and the highest skill of writing. Creativity Telstra equally represents the artistic legacy of not only German and Austrian, but of the whole of European culture in General.