Pitcher on a tray

Type of product: a Pitcher on a tray
Material: silver 950, gold plating
Total weight: 1,800 kg
Manufacturing time: the first half of the XX century
Author: the company “Tétard Frères”
State: France, Paris

Silver set consists of a pitcher and tray, made in the same stylistic vein, the French masters of the first half of the 20th century. The set is in excellent condition and are prized for their safety. On the surface of the silver has hallmarks: 1. Profile of mercury facing to the left in the hexagonal cartouche – standard sample of silver in France, equal to 950. The fineness of silver is expressed in thousandths quantitative content of pure metal in the silver alloy used in the manufacture of decorative products. In this case, thousands of pieces of alloy contains 950 pure silver, the rest is impurities introduced in the actual alloy to increase the hardness and fusibility of silver metal; 2. Latin letter "TFres" and the image of the pot on top, in a diamond cartouche, the mark of the French jewelry company "Tétard Frères". Company history started in 1860, when the goldsmith Edmond Tetard opened his first workshop in Paris. Due to the high quality and originality of artistic ideas of the Paris Studio, success was not long in coming. In a very short time the company "Tétard Frères" entered the arena leading French manufacturers of silver jewelry, such as "Single" and "Christofle". The hallmark "Tétard Frères" was the attraction to the Art Deco style embodies the luxury and wealth of the early 20th century. The company has repeatedly been awarded gold medals (the highest award) at the international exhibitions. In the 1920-ies, following the fashion trend, remaining at its peak production "Tétard Frères" has a reference to the style of art Nouveau. During these years, the chief designer worked Valéry Bizouard. In 1930, the year Bizouard was the co-founder of "Tétard Frères" with the heir of the company founder Jean Tétard. Together they created the world-famous Empire which continues its activity today. In our days, "Tétard Frères" is located in Paris at 4, Rue Beranger.