Plate in the Rococo style

925 sterling silver
Weight: 32 g
Harrison Brothers & Howson

Plate hand made by casting and cutting out on silver leaf openwork pattern followed by thorough polishing. Striking the fine workmanship of the craftsmen and the elegance of pattern that looks like a thin and delicate lace. The Central part of the products is smooth, from the center around the perimeter depict various ornaments in Rococo style. The Central smooth portion of the article bearing a number of hallmarks: 1) "Walking lion" in a rectangular shield with chamfered top confirms that the product is made of 925 silver; 2) the "Crown" in a square shield with beveled upper corners is the mark of the assay office Sheffield. 3) the Letter "f" in a square plate corresponding to the 1888 production. 4) the Letters "G. H." in square flap – branded the company "Harrison Brothers & Howson". Silversmiths that manufacture worked in Sheffield, on Norfolk Street in the late 19th, early 20th century. The production focused on the manufacture of high-class and reliable quality of different sets, table sets etc. The product is in perfect preservation, and not in need of restoration.