Sculpture “Knight”

Of the product: Sculpture “the Knight”
Material: silver, hallmark 925, marble, ivory
Dimensions: height with stand 38 cm
Time of origin: late 19th century
State: Germany

Sculpture "Knight", made of 925 sterling silver. A knight clad in armor. It stands on an octagonal base, decorated in the Renaissance style. On the left side of the silver base sculptures placed hallmarks: 1) Stamp with standard sample – STERLING – 925, the higher the fineness of silver. The fineness of silver is expressed in thousandths quantitative content of pure metal in the silver alloy used in the manufacture of decorative products. 2) Figure 925 shows that thousands of pieces of alloy contains 925 units of pure silver, the rest is impurities introduced in the actual alloy to increase the hardness and fusibility of silver metal. 3) GERMANY – the country of creation of this product. 4) the Fourth mark can not be explained.