Sculpture “Knight”

Of the product: Sculpture “Knight”

Material: silver, alloy 800, marble, ivory

Dimensions: total height 36 cm

Time of origin: late 19th century

State: Germany

Chivalry is descended from the historical scene. It left us not only elements of his military tactics (the use of such a knightly tank wedges in krupnomasshtabnykh fighting), but also cultural heritage: tales of chivalry ("Tristan and Isolde"), love poems of the minstrels and troubadours with the obligatory cult of the ladies of the heroic folk epics ("the poem of the CID" and "the Song of Roland"). In our time in the UK, paying tribute to tradition, assign a knighthood scientists, artists and athletes. The sculpture of a knight can serve as a fine example of art of the late XIX century, is the subject of historical and artistic value. On the silver base of the sculpture are hallmarks.