Set of glasses for 12 people

Type of product: set of glasses for 12 people
Material: 925 sterling silver, gilding
Weight: 0,920 kg
Height of glasses: 7 cm
Author: Cartier
Manufacturing time: the first half of the 20th century
State: France

A set of 12 glasses - made in the first half of the 20th century, in the style of art Deco, which is considered the latest styles. Art Deco is a synthesis of modernism and Neoclassicism differs strict forms and ethnic geometric patterns. Each product is marked with the following hallmarks: 1. The corporate brand of the company "Cartier". 2. The mark "STERLING" to support sterling hallmarked silver 0,925. 3. The serial numbers of the products. The history of the brand "Cartier" is a happy success story of a jeweler-artist whose talent made him a "jeweler of kings". Louis Francois Cartier started out as a helper, apprentice in jewelry shop, but over time established family business, which he still lives.