Table service for 12 persons

Table service for 12 persons ( 42 items)

Material: porcelain, gilding, hand painted

Time: mid-19th century

Country: China

Porcelain set for 12 persons, consisting of 42 items. The service combines the utensils for tea and for meals. It includes: kettle, coffee pot, sugar bowl, 12 cups, 12 saucers, 12 dining plates for the second course, 2 large flat plates and one salad bowl. All items created in the same stylistic vein of high quality Chinese porcelain and hand-painted overglaze painting, which is characterized by intense colors and many shades. China – the birthplace of porcelain. China in English- China, which means porcelain. We can say that porcelain is the pinnacle of traditional applied art of China. Table service for 12 persons has its own unique history, as evidenced by red paint mark of Chinese characters, indicating the authenticity of the products and the affiliation of the best examples of Chinese porcelain 19th century art. Set is in excellent condition and valuable it. Can take its rightful place in the antique collection of fans of table porcelain.