The candy bowl with a candlestick

Silver, wood
Item height: 36 cm
Workshop: Bointaburet
France, Paris, late 19th century.

Graceful bunk, handmade handcrafted molding and carving on silver leaf openwork pattern followed by thorough polishing. Round base made of wood boards the bottom of silver, decorated with carved ornament. From the center of the bottom coming up the side, which in turn is a candlestick. In the middle Stoyan has a second round the bowl. This small bowl made of silver and also has a patterned side. Stoyan decorated with garlands of Laurel and acanthus leaves. On the bottom of my brands are known and respected jewelry shop "Boin – Taburet", which flourished in Paris 1873 – 1900 years. Firm BOIN-TABURET was established in the famous Paris jewelers George Boin and Emile Taburet. In 1878, the masters were first shown to the public at the world exhibition in Paris, where the silver jewelry got a decent odlili and a lot of customers from all over Europe. In 1889 the company received the gold medal of this prestigious event. A large prize was received at the Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Emil Taburet and George Boyne worked until 1900, when Georges Boyne started to cooperate with silver, a master at Henry and created "Boin & Cie". In 1936 the company was renamed "George et fils". The firm trained their designers, jewelers, chasers and engravers especially for its production. Manufaktura was considered one of the leading at the time among the already existing jewelry firms in France. It should be noted that the work the company has repeatedly put up for auction at the world famous auction Christie's and Sotheby's. The bottom has a superior degree of safety and not in need of restoration.