The painting “Girl with roses”

The painting “Girl with roses”
Emile Eisman-Semenovskiy
oil on wood
Russia, 1880-ies
Size 56 x 37 cm

Emile Eisman-Semenovskiy (1857-1911) is famous Russian artist, classic. He studied at the Art Academy in Warsaw, then in 1880 in the St. Petersburg Academy as a free listener. Repeatedly exhibited at the Paris Salon of fine arts, was awarded a medal at the world exhibition in Paris in 1900, for the painting "Gypsy woman" (musée D'orsay). Paintings, Asman-Semenov with his consent has been used repeatedly for playback on French postcards. The monograph "Eisman-Semenovsky, Emile" was released as the art Museum of the city of poznań in 2003.