The painting “Street vendor”

Erno Erb

The painting “a Street vendor”

Author: Erno Erb
The material is oil on canvas.
Country Ukraine
К0нец 19th century and early 20th century
Size 40х55 cm

Erno Erb  (Isig, Asig, Isaac Abrahamowicz)(1878 - 1943) " urban landscapes Erno Erba felt a tender love for the city, its monuments, the people." A Ukrainian painter of Jewish origin, worked all his life in Lviv. In his work, felt the influence of German impressionism and especially max Liebermann. Worked in pastels, watercolors and oil painting. Oil characterized by a large stroke, a pronounced texture rough on paint. Over time in his work there are hints of expression. Light and color are the main elements of the expressiveness of his works. Images of people in the paintings lose their individuality and become more generalized, and / or the background parts of the landscape. Passed in his work the path from academicism to modernism. Most of the paintings depict Erba views of Lviv, urban genre scenes. Especially loved the artist to draw traders in Lviv markets. As his hands belong landscapes, still lifes, images harakternyh types of Ukrainian peasants and Jews. Bottom right in words caused the author's signature - E. Erb. The painting is in original frame covered with thick gold leaf. The painting is in excellent condition, has no visible damage and in need of restoration.