Wine glasses

Type of products: wine glasses (12 Pcs)
Material: 925 sterling silver, gilding
Dimensions: height of glasses – 13.5 cm, the diameter of the Cup – 6.5 cm
Weight: 1,500 kg
Time of origin: late 19th century
State: England, London

A set of wine glasses made from 925 sterling silver with applied inside of the bowls with gold leaf. The set consists of 12 glasses of the same shape and size. All products created by artistic casting with subsequent complex processing. Smooth the top rim of the glasses suffered a series of stamps: 1) notched branded with the letters T. S – indicating the initials of jeweler; 2) in a rectangular cartouche with cut edges – the figure running to the left of the lion with a raised tail is a standard sign in England, signifying the purity of Sterling 0,925 silver; 3) in a square cartouche with cut edges uncrowned leopard's head – the stigma that used in the manufacture of silver jewelry in London after 1822; 4) in a square cartouche with cut edges on the top and a conical bottom is the letter F, denoting the year of establishment products – 1861 (the above letter on their surface have 6 glasses, and the rest 6 – another the letter O denoting 1869); 5) the image of the head of Queen Victoria – a sign of duty. In 1784 he was created the mark of duty, to show that they were paid tax on the product. We used a stamp with a portrait profile of the head of the current ruling monarch. The use of this mark was abolished in 1890. In this case, the tax was paid during the reign of Queen Victoria – 1838-1890. The analyzed set of wine glasses in not in need of restoration, are prized for their safety. Is antique value for fans of silverware.